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Drink This Not That!: The No-diet Weight Loss Solution

Drink This Not That!: The No-diet Weight Loss Solution

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the Fastest Way To Lose Weight Isn’t On The Treadmill. And It’s Not By Counting Calories, Either. Believe It Or Not, The Easiest, Fastest, And Longest Lasting Way To Lose Weight Doesn’t Even Involve Watching Your Food Intake: It’s All About Watching What You Drink.


see, If You’re Like The Average American, Today You Will Drink About 450 Calories. That’s A Quarter Of The Calories You’re Supposed To Eat In An Entire Day—and Then, Of Course, You’ll Eat Plenty Of Calories, Too!


but Now There’s Drink This, Not That!, The Breakthrough New Book From The Editors Of Eat This, Not That! New Research Reveals That It’s Not Just Our Food That’s Making America Fat—it’s The Beverages We Wash It All Down With. But You Can Strip Away Calories And Fat—up To 23 Pounds This Year Alone—simply By Changing Your Choices Of Drinks (and Still Eating All Your Favorite Foods)!


did You Know:

*one Bottle Of Sunkist Orange Drink Has More Sugar Than Four Packs Of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

*a Large Grape Expectations Ii Smoothie From Smoothie King Has More Sugar Than 13 Twinkies!

*if You Turn Your Large Latte Into A Large Cappuccino, You Could Lose More Than 9 Pounds This Year!

*a White Chocolate Mocha From Starbucks Has More Than 20 Times As Many Calories As Their Regular Coffee!


with This Illustrated Guide To Hundreds Of Drink Options—and Eye-opening Nutrition Secrets For Fast And Permanent Weight Loss—you’ll Make The Smartest Choices For You And Your Family, Every Time.


additional Features In Drink This, Not That! Include:

• the 20 Worst Drinks In America

• the Truth About Bottled Water

• the Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

• the Anatomy Of America’s Most Popular Beverages

• energy Drinks: Energy Or Enemy?

• the Ultimate Smoothie Selector

• and More!

Authors : David Zinczenko, Matt Goulding

Publisher : Rodale Books

Published Year : 2010

Edition : 1

Format : Paperback, 336 pages

Dimensions : 6.58 (w) x 6.60 (h) x 0.52 (d)

ISBN : 1605295396

ISBN13 : 9781605295398

Overview :

The fastest way to lose weight isn’t on the treadmill. And it’s not by counting calories, either. Believe it or not, the easiest, fastest, and longest lasting way to lose weight doesn’t even involve watching your food intake: It’s all about watching what you drink.


See, if you’re like the average American, today you will drink about 450 calories. That’s a quarter of the calories you’re supposed to eat in an entire day—and then, of course, you’ll eat plenty of calories, too!


But now there’s Drink This, Not That!, the breakthrough new book from the editors of Eat This, Not That! New research reveals that it’s not just our food that’s making America fat—it’s the beverages we wash it all down with. But you can strip away calories and fat—up to 23 pounds this year alone—simply by changing your choices of drinks (and still eating all your favorite foods)!


Did you know:

*One bottle of Sunkist orange drink has more sugar than four packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

*A large Grape Expectations II Smoothie from Smoothie King has more sugar than 13 Twinkies!

*If you turn your large latte into a large cappuccino, you could lose more than 9 pounds this year!

*A White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks has more than 20 times as many calories as their regular coffee!


With this illustrated guide to hundreds of drink options—and eye-opening nutrition secrets for fast and permanent weight loss—you’ll make the smartest choices for you and your family, every time.


Additional features in Drink This, Not That! include:

• The 20 Worst Drinks in America

• The Truth About Bottled Water

• The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

• The Anatomy of America’s Most Popular Beverages

• Energy Drinks: Energy or Enemy?

• The Ultimate Smoothie Selector

• And more!

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