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discovered As A Baby In Sir Edmund's Kennels, Brind Has Grown Up With The Mastiffs. He Plays With Them, Eats With Them, And Sleeps In Their Den. Brind Understands Dogs Better Than He Understands Any Human.


the Largest And Most Powerful Dog In The Pack, Glaive Is Brind's Best Friend. He Would Do Anything For The Dog Boy, Even Race Straight Into Battle.


thrown Out Of Her Home As The French Army Prepares For The English Invasion, Aurélie Can Either Beg Outside The Town Wall With Her Mother, Or Fight The Enemy Herself. She Has Never Been One To Sit Still.

when The English And French Armies Clash At The Battle Of Crécy, There Will Be Honor, Treachery, Loss, Chivalry—and Glory. For Brind, Glaive, And Aurélie, This Is Only The Beginning.

leslie Wolfson - Children's Literature

the Book Jacket Of This Ya Novel Nicely Sums Up The Story: Born A Boy, Raised With Dogs, Became A Hero. It Starts Out A Bit Slowly While Focusing On Adult Characters, But As Soon As The Action Focuses On Dogboy Brind, It Picks Up Speed. It Has An Extremely Original Premise: Twelve-year Old Brind Was Found As An Infant Among A Litter Of Puppies. Since Then He Has Lived With Sir Edmund, A Medieval Knight And Lord. Brind Sleeps, Eats, And Plays With His Master's Brood Of Mastiffs, Functioning As Both Caretaker And Member Of The Pack. Although He Speaks English, Brind Is Also Well Versed In Dogese: Growling, Barking, And Snarling To Communicate With Both His Canine Companions And Other Humans. When Sir Edmund Decides To Take Brind And His Dogs To Fight A War In France, The Action Of The Novel Accelerates Considerably. Along The Way, Brind Finds A Ten-year Old French Orphan, Aurelie. When Sir Edmund Is Presumed Dead And The Pack Of Dogs Disappears, Brind And Aurelie Go Off In Search Of Brind's Favorite Dog, Glaive. The Two Children Survive In The Woods On Mushrooms And Berries While Fleeing From Various Dangers, Including A Fire, A Possessive Knight, And The Evil And Abusive Tullo. Plucky Aurelie Is The Most Appealing Of The Main Characters, But All Are Well Developed, And The Story Moves Along Swiftly. This Book Was Originally Published In England Under The Name brind. 2006, Greenwillow Books/harpercollins, Ages 12 Up.

Author : Christopher Russell

Publisher : Greenwillow Books

Published Year : 2006

Format : Library Binding, 272 pages

ISBN : 0060841176

ISBN13 : 9780060841171

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