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Coral Reef Fishes: Indo-pacific And Caribbean

Coral Reef Fishes: Indo-pacific And Caribbean

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"I have used this book for identifying fishes I have seen underwater. It is one of the best for this purpose since it is handy and comprehensive, containing all likely coral reef fishes in the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific. Most other books contain only a subset. In addition, this guide provides clues for quick and proper identification."—Rainer Froese, Senior Scientist, International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), Philippines

Doug Pemberton - Diver Magazine

An excellent and handy reference source and would be an asset to any diver's library.

Authors : Ewald Lieske, Robert Myers

Publisher : Princeton University Press

Published Year : 2002

Edition : REV

Format : Paperback, 400 pages

Language : English

Dimensions : 4.56 (w) x 7.52 (h) x 1.07 (d)

ISBN : 0691089957

ISBN13 : 9780691089959

Overview :

Expanded and updated to include an additional 44 species, this is a handy guide to those fishes that are likely to be observed by anybody visiting or diving on the coral reefs of the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific to a depth of sixty meters. Accessible to amateur marine life enthusiasts, this book is the first comprehensive guide of its kind. It enables the reader to quickly identify 2,118 species of fish and includes over 2,500 color illustrations depicting the major forms of each species—male, female, immature, or geographical varieties. The text proceeds according to region, depicting each species and its varieties, and offering information on its geographic range and where on the coral reef itself the fish may be found. Important identification characteristics are highlighted on every color plate.

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