Coming Out: A Novel

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olympia Crawford Rubinstein Has A Way Of Managing Her Thriving Family With Grace And Humor. With Twin Daughters Finishing High School, A Son At Dartmouth, And A Kindergartner From Her Second Marriage, There Seems To Be Nothing Olympia Can’t Handle…until One Sunny Day In May, When She Opens An Invitation For Her Daughters To Attend The Most Exclusive Coming-out Ball In New York–and Chaos Erupts All Around Her.

for Olympia’s Husband, Harry, The Idea Of A Blueblood Debutante Ball Is Abhorrent. Her Daughter Veronica, A Natural-born Rebel, Agrees–while Identical Twin, Virginia, Is Already Shopping For The Perfect Dress. Then There’s Olympia’s Ex, Who Sees The Ball As The Perfect Opportunity For A Family Feud. Amid Everything, Olympia’s College-age Son, Charlie, Is Facing A Turning Point In His Life And Will Need His Mother More Than Ever. But Olympia Is Determined To Steer Her Family Through The Event–until, Just Days Before The Cotillion, Things Begin To Unravel With Alarming Speed.

from A Son’s Crisis To A Daughter’s Heartbreak, From A Case Of The Chickenpox To A Political Debate Raging In Her Household, Olympia Is On The Verge Of Surrender . . . Until A Series Of Startling Choices And Changes Of Heart, Family And Friends, Turn A Night Of Calamity Into An Evening Of Magic. As Old Wounds Are Healed, Barriers Are Shattered And New Traditions Are Born–and A Debutante Ball Becomes A Catalyst For Change, Revelation, Acceptance, And Love.

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in Her 67th Novel (following May's The House) Bestselling Author Steel (more Than 530 Million Copies Sold) Fashions A Plot Around A Single Event: An Invitation To A Debutante Ball In New York City. Attorney Olympia Crawford Rubinstein Manages To Juggle A Challenging Full-time Job; A Loving Relationship With Her Second Husband, Harry (an Appeals Court Judge Who Is Her Former Law Professor ); The Care Of Their Five-year-old Son, Max, And Her Three Older Children From A Previous Marriage. Olympia's First Husband, Chauncey, Is A Stereotypical, Upper-class Snob, With No Job But A Passion For Playing Polo. Harry, Son Of Holocaust Survivors, Champions Liberal Causes. When Olympia's Teenage Twin Daughters, Veronica And Virginia, Are Invited To An Exclusive Coming Out Ball, Everyone's Lives Are Thrown Into Turmoil. Most Of The Book Revolves Around The Arguments And Disagreements Spurred By The Invitation, And Steel Appears Overly Didactic As She Tries To Pump Life Into The Simplistic Setup: Olympia's Jewish Mother-in-law, Afro-american Law Partner And Gay Older Son Are Trotted Out Like Polo Ponies At Auction. Steel's Metier Is Glamour And Romance; Her Attempt To Deal With Social Injustice Falls Flat. (july) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

Author : Danielle Steel

Publisher : Dell

Published Year : 2007

Edition : Reprint

Format : Mass Market Paperback - Mass Market Paperback, 224 pages

Subject : Women's Fiction

Dimensions : 4.25 (w) x 6.87 (h) x 0.70 (d)

ISBN : 044024207x

ISBN13 : 9780440242079

Overview :

Olympia Crawford Rubinstein has a busy legal career, a solid marriage, and a way of managing her thriving family with grace, humor, and boundless energy. With twin daughters finishing high school, a son at Dartmouth, and a kindergartner from her second marriage, there seems to be no challenge to which Olympia cannot rise. Until one sunny day in May, when she opens an invitation for her daughters to attend the most exclusive coming-out ball in New York-and chaos erupts all around her. One twin's excitement is balanced by the other's outrage; her previous husband's profound snobbism is in sharp contrast to her current husband's flat refusal to attend.

For Olympia's husband, Harry, whose parents survived the Holocaust, the idea of a blue-blood debutante ball is abhorrent. Her daughter Veronica, a natural-born rebel, agrees-while Veronica's identical twin, Virginia, is already shopping for the perfect dress. Then there's Olympia's ex, an insufferable snob, who sees the ball as the perfect opportunity for a family feud. And amid all the hubbub, Olympia's college-age son, Charlie, is facing a turning point in his life-and may need his mother more than ever. But despite it all, Olympia is determined to steer her family through the event until, just days before the cotillion, things begin to unravel with alarming speed.

From a son's crisis to a daughter's heartbreak, from a case of the chicken pox to a political debate raging in her household, Olympia is on the verge of surrender. And that is when, in a series of startling choices and changes of heart, family, friends, and even a blue-haired teenager all find a way to turn a night of calamity into an evening of magic. As oldwounds are healed, barriers are shattered and new traditions are born, and a debutante ball becomes a catalyst for change, revelation, acceptance, and love.

In a novel that is by turns profound, poignant, moving, and warmly funny, Danielle Steel tells the story of an extraordinary family-finding new ways of letting go, stepping up, and coming the ways that matter most.