Blood Game (Eve Duncan Series #9)

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Eve Duncan is closer than ever to discovering the truth about her missing daughter in
BLOOD GAME, the latest page-turning adrenaline ride from #1 blockbuster bestselling author
Iris Johansen

To whet a killer’s appetite

When a Georgia senator’s daughter is found dead and drained of blood, Eve enters the world of a twisted psychopath—a man whose name appears on Eve’s shortlist of killers connected to her own missing daughter, Bonnie.

she will enter into a web of danger

Then Eve receives a terrifying trophy—and the games have begun. Soon she must enlist the help of those she loves and trusts the most—Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire—even if it means putting them in the path of someone whose thirst for blood is only growing stronger.

from which there may be no escape…

Eve believes this psychotic mind holds the answers to the questions that have tormented her for years. But like a spider hunting its prey, he is waiting for the perfect moment to strike—when Eve least expects it. And when she has the most to lose…

“Johansen keeps readers on the edge of their seats.”—Booklist  

Publishers Weekly

Bestseller Johansen's latest Eve Duncan forensics thriller features an all-too-mortal vampire. Fresh off a multiple child homicide case (Quicksand), Eve discovers a blood-stained goblet in her refrigerator. The goblet closely resembles one found with the bloodless body of Nancy Jo Norris, a U.S. senator's 19-year-old daughter, the victim of a wannabe Dracula who ultimately thirsts for Eve. In a paranormal twist, Joe Quinn, Eve's FBI love interest, appears to have contracted psychic powers from Megan Blair, introduced in Pandora's Daughter, and can now see dead people—Nancy Jo and Eve's daughter, Bonnie, to be exact. The ghosts guide the search for the serial sucker, complete with corny gothic monologues. Johansen risks alienating some readers as the series slips deeper into the supernatural, but diehards will be pleased Eve at last finds some peace in her ever-growing bond with Joe. 500,000 first printing.(Oct.)

Author : Iris Johansen

Publisher : St. Martin's Press

Published Year : October 2009

Edition : First Edition

Subject : Fiction, Mystery & Detective

ISBN : 0312368127

ISBN13 : 9780312368128