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Beyond Your Senses : The New World Of Sensors

Beyond Your Senses : The New World Of Sensors

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Author : Hal Hellman

Publisher : Penguin Publishing Group

Published Year : 1997

Format : Hardcover, 96 pages

Dimensions : 9.32 (w) x 7.20 (h) x 0.47 (d)

ISBN : 0525675337

ISBN13 : 9780525675334

Overview :

Smart sensors mimic our own natural senses more than ever before, and Hal Hellman outlines exactly how. Hellman takes each biological sense--vision, touch, hearing, taste, smell, and several others as well--and discusses how corresponding sensors are being devised for use in the home, workplace, and outer space.

Examines how sensors enable machines to respond to temperature, sound, light, and other sensations and how sensors operate in toasters, burglar alarms, auto-focus cameras, and weather monitoring devices.

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