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Baby Signs, Revised Edition: How To Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk

Baby Signs, Revised Edition: How To Talk With Your Baby Before Your Baby Can Talk

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Authors : Linda Acredolo, Susan Goodwyn

Publisher : Mcgraw-hill

Published Year : 2002

Edition : 2

Format : Paperback, 192 pages

Subject : Nonverbal Communication In Children, Nonverbal Communication In Infants, Interpersonal Communication In Children, Interpersonal Communication In Infants, Infants, Language, Child Rearing

Language : English

Dimensions : 6.90 (w) x 9.03 (h) x 0.59 (d)

ISBN : 0071387765

ISBN13 : 9780071387767

Overview :

The proven and original program for communicating with your baby—featuring American Sign Language-compatible signs

If you have struggled unsuccessfully to decode your baby's grunts and grabs, resulting in tearful frustration for both you and your child, there is Baby Signs. Based on a method first developed by Drs. Linda Acredolo and Susan Goodwyn in 1982 and on nearly 30 years of research, this classic bestseller shows you how to encourage your baby’s use of nonverbal gestures to enhance communication.

Simple hand movements signify objects, events, and needs, so your infant can enjoy interactions with you that otherwise would have been impossible until he or she could talk. Not only does the authors’ method help you and baby bond, but research shows that it can make learning to talk easier, reduce tears and frustration, boost self-esteem and confidence, and stimulate intellectual development.

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