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A Season Beyond A Kiss (the Birmingham Family)

A Season Beyond A Kiss (the Birmingham Family)

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Her marriage to dashing American shipping magnate Jeff Birmingham signals the beginning of a wonderful new life for Raelynn Barrett. In the loving shelter of her husband's embrace, the pain of loss is diminished, as is her anger over her family's tragic and undeserved disgrace. But try as she might, Raelynn cannot close her ears to the cruel accusations and whispered rumors about her new spouse that buzz around her head like bees. And she cannot deny what her own eyes see, though the images before her seem to brand her darling Jeff as the worst sort of criminal, forcing her to flee his desire and his love.

Yet Jeff knows he is innocent—-though he is unaware of the conspiracy that has shrouded his marriage in secrets and now imperils it with lies. And he will oppose the treachery with every fiber of his being in order to preserve his threatened happiness—-to win back the trust of the woman he cherishes...and secure his place forever in his beloved Raelynn's heart.

Library Journal

The romance genre has changed drastically in the last two decades, but Woodiwiss here returns us to the unlamented bodice ripper. Overblown prose coupled with cardboard characters makes this title almost impossible to wade through. In this sequel to her legendary "Flame and Flower" series, Jeff Birmingham is wed to Raelynn Barrett, the Englishwoman he had rescued in a prior novel. The marriage gets off to a rocky start. Once the wedding vows are consummated, however a detail that takes 90 endless minutes to accomplish marital bliss ensues. Then a young woman is killed, and Jeff is discovered standing over the body holding the murder weapon. Reader Susan Ericksen's matter-of-fact delivery makes it possible for the listener to almost overlook the endless sex that masquerades as a plot. Every character is recognizable by both accent and mannerism. Unfortunately, Ericksen can't overcome the book's tiresome pacing. For diehard fans only. Jodi L. Israel, Jamaica Plain, MA Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

Author : Kathleen E Woodiwiss

Publisher : Avon

Published Year : 2007

Edition : Reprint

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 496 pages

Dimensions : 4.18 (w) x 6.75 (h) x 0.99 (d)

ISBN : 0380807947

ISBN13 : 9780380807949

Overview :

In the loving embrace of her new husband, the dashing American shipping magnate Jeff Birmingham, Raelynn Barrett can forget her painful past and the tragic, undeserved disgrace of her family. With Jeff, each sweet, lingering kiss is a promise of a future rich in joy and sensual fulfilment.

But Raelynn can hear the whispered rumours that damn the man she loves. And what her own eyes have witnessed seem to brand her adored and adoring Jeff as the worst sort of criminal. In the face of the devastating treacheries of ruthless, hidden enemies, how can Jeff ever hope to win back the trust of the woman he cherishes.?

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