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A Perfect Groom (avon Historical Romance)

A Perfect Groom (avon Historical Romance)

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perfection Is In The Eye Of The Beholder . . .

proud Of His Reputation As A Rogue, Justin Sterling Intends Tobe The First To Bed The Unattainable—the Season's Most Luscious Debutante—and Win The Wager That's The Talk Of The Ton. However, He Never Expected The Enchantress In Question To Be Arabella Templeton, Who Once Stole His Heart And Owns It Still. Now The Notorious Scoundrel Will Have To Prove To Her That His Intentions Are Honorable . . . While Protecting Her Virtue From Every Other Rascal In London.

arabella Will Marry Only For Love—and She Does Not Need Her Childhood Nemesis To Act As Her Self-appointed Guardian! Though The Arrogant Cad Seems Sincere, She Is Well Aware Of His Rakehell History And Won't Be Swayed By His Considerable Charm And Disarming Good Looks. For It Would Be Pure Madness For Arabella To Ignore The Voice Of Reason That Whispers Beware! And Heed Instead A Traitorous Heart That Insists Justin Sterling Would Make . . .

Authors : James, Samantha

Publisher : Avon

Published Year : 2004

Format : Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages

Dimensions : 4.18 (w) x 6.75 (h) x 0.96 (d)

ISBN : 0060502797

ISBN13 : 9780060502799

Overview :

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder . . .

Proud of his reputation as a rogue, Justin Sterling intends tobe the first to bed "The Unattainable"—the Season's most luscious debutante—and win the wager that's the talk of the ton. However, he never expected the enchantress in question to be Arabella Templeton, who once stole his heart and owns it still. Now the notorious scoundrel will have to prove to her that his intentions are honorable . . . while protecting her virtue from every other rascal in London.

Arabella will marry only for love—and she does not need her childhood nemesis to act as her self-appointed guardian! Though the arrogant cad seems sincere, she is well aware of his rakehell history and won't be swayed by his considerable charm and disarming good looks. For it would be pure madness for Arabella to ignore the voice of reason that whispers "beware!" and heed instead a traitorous heart that insists Justin Sterling would make . . .

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