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A Guide To Rational Living

A Guide To Rational Living

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If you have the rigorous honesty necessary to conduct self-analysis, this book can be the most important one you have read. For although it makes no promises, it can help you more than all the other self-help books put together. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy can teach any intelligent person how to stop feeling miserable about practically anything. Direct, get-to-the-heart-of-the-problem methods teach you what you often do to needlessly upset yourself and what you can do, instead, to make yourself emotionally stronger. These practical, proven methods of changing your self-defeating emotions and behaviors reflect the authors' vast experience as therapists and as teachers of therapists from all over the world, and have been backed by literally hundreds of research studies. A Guide to Rational Living provides much sought-after answers for individuals with problems, and it can help everyone to feel better about themselves and to deal with their lives more effectively.

Authors : Albert Ellis, Robert A. Harper

Publisher : Wilshire Book Co

Published Year : 1975

Edition : 3

Format : Paperback, 233 pages

ISBN : 0879800429

ISBN13 : 9780879800420

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