7 Steps To Fearless Speaking

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Lilyan Wilder is a top communications consultant whose client list is a veritable who's who in the entertainment, political, and business realms--Oprah Winfrey, Maria Shriver, Charlie Rose, and Katharine Graham have been just a few of her public speaking clients. In 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking, Wilder lays out her blueprint for successful public speaking. These straightforward steps teach people in all types of careers and lifestyles to improve their oral communications skills by learning to focus on the voice as an instrument, structure ideas, start dialogues with audiences, use props, and more. The book includes examples and anecdotes from Wilder's own work, and a number of exercises to help the reader implement the ideas set forth. In addition to the 7-step program, Wilder also includes two "kits"--the "Emergency Kit" and the "First-Aid Kit"--to help readers who either have to do a speech with no time to prepare, or provide off-the-cuff comments. *Helps people overcome their public speaking fears by teaching the techniques used by the pros.

The New York Times

Lilyan Wilder is the industry's undisputed grand dame of broadcast coaching.

Author : Lilyan Wilder

Publisher : John Wiley & Sons

Published Year : 1999-04-26

Edition : 1

Format : Paperback, 227 pages

Dimensions : 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.55 (d)

ISBN : 0471321591

ISBN13 : 9780471321590

Overview :

"Lilyan Wilder has trained more broadcasters, politicians, and business executives than anybody." - Charles Osgood, Anchor, CBS News Sunday Morning.

When people say they'd rather die than address an audience, they're not kidding. Fear of public speaking has even topped death in some surveys. But now top communications consultant Lilyan Wilder offers some sound advice on how to overcome the crippling inhibition of public speaking. Her clients have included media icons Oprah Winfrey and Charlie Rose, former President George Bush, John Sculley, and Katharine Graham. 7 Steps to Fearless Speaking will teach you how to cope with the panic, avoidance, and trauma of speaking as you give the gift of your conviction and experience your voice for the first time.

"Lilyan Wilder is the industry's undisputed grand dame of broadcast coaching." -The New York Times.

"Lilyan Wilder understands how to make the essential connection between a speaker and an audience. In this book, she tells you how to do it as she has told so well to so many famous communicators." -Charlie Rose.

"7 Steps to Fearless Speaking has helped me to speak with persuasion and conviction....Follow Wilder's sage counsel, and you'll find your public speaking much improved and more rewarding." -Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman and CEO, Bell Atlantic.

"Lilyan Wilder is simply the best. I continue to use many of her exercises on a daily basis. They're wonderful." -Dr. Bob Arnot, Chief Medical Correspondent, NBC News.

"Lilyan Wilder is simply awesome, personally and professionally." -Maria Shriver, Correspondent, NBC News.