Rocking the Roles: Building a Win-Win Marriage

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the Traditional Marriage Never Was The Biblical Marriage. Ozzie And Harriet Are Gone. And With Them, The Idea That The Traditional Marriage Is The Only Right Way. Yet, Today’s Couples Are Also Discovering That The “roleness” Marriage In Which Everything Is Equal, With No Distinction Between Male And Female, Isn’t All That Satisfying Either. Rocking The Roles Examines What The Bible Really Has To Say About The Male And Female Roles. A Far Cry From The Restrictions Of The Traditional Marriage Or The Formlessness Of Modern Marriage, This Approach Offers A Perfect Blend Of Structure And Equality, Balance And Beauty. It Explores: 1) Common Myths And Misunderstanding About Marriage Roles 2) ‘core’ Roles That Don’t Limit Choices But Help Prioritize Commitments, Energy, And Time 3) What Husbands And Wives Most Need To Understand About Each Other 4) What The “s” Word-submission-is And Is Not 5) Spiritual Leadership As Practical Responsibility, Not Privileged Rank 6) How To Transform Your Marriage By Applying These Practical, Biblical Principles To Day-to-day Life. So If You Want A Marriage In Which Fairness, Respect, And Support Operate Equally Between You And Your Partner, It’s Time For Rocking The Roles-and For Discovering God’s Radical, Inspired, And Timeless Design For Lasting Marriage.

Authors : Lewis, Robert, Hendricks, William

Publisher : NavPress

Published Year : 1999-01-15T00:00:01Z

Edition : Revised

Format : Paperback, 272 pages

Language : en_US

Dimensions : Height: 8.3 Inches, Length: 5.5 Inches, Weight: 0.7 Pounds, Width: 0.7 Inches

ISBN : 1576831256

ISBN13 : 9781576831250

Overview :

Rocking the Roles explains how marriage can be a perfect blend of structure and equality, balance and beauty.

Transform your relationship by learning about:

• common misunderstandings about marriage
• core roles that don’t limit choices
• what spouses most need to understand about each other
• what submission and authority is and is not
• sexuality

Build a marriage on a firm foundation of Scripture, forgiveness, and a healthy understand of who we are in Christ.