No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden

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For The First Time Anywhere, The First-person Account Of The Planning And Execution Of The Bin Laden Raid From A Navy Seal Who Confronted The Terrorist Mastermind And Witnessed His Final Moments. Writing Under A Pseudonym To Protect His Anonymity, A Member Of The Elite Seal Team Six Provides A Behind-the-scenes, First-person Account Of All His Dangerous Assignments Around The Globe, Including The Training, Planning And Execution Of His Most Important Mission, The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden. From The Streets Of Iraq To The Rescue Of Captain Richard Phillips In The Indian Ocean, And From The Mountaintops Of Afghanistan To The Third Floor Of Osama Bin Laden's Compound, Operator Mark Owen Of The U.s. Naval Special Warfare Development Group--commonly Known As Seal Team Six--has Been A Part Of Some Of The Most Memorable Special Operations In History, As Well As Countless Missions That Never Made Headlines. No Easy Day Puts Readers Alongside Owen And The Other Handpicked Members Of The Twenty-four-man Team As They Train For The Biggest Mission Of Their Lives. The Blow-by-blow Narrative Of The Assault, Beginning With The Helicopter Crash That Could Have Ended Owen's Life Straight Through To The Radio Call Confirming Bin Laden's Death, Is An Essential Piece Of Modern History. In No Easy Day, Owen Also Takes Readers Onto The Field Of Battle In America's Ongoing War On Terror And Details The Selection And Training Process For One Of The Most Elite Units In The Military. Owen's Story Draws On His Youth In Alaska And Describes The Seal's Quest To Challenge Themselves At The Highest Levels Of Physical And Mental Endurance. With Boots-on-the-ground Detail, Owen Describes Numerous Previously Unreported Missions That Illustrate The Life And Work Of A Seal And The Evolution Of The Team After The Events Of September 11. In Telling The True Story Of The Seals Whose Talents, Skills, Experiences, And Exceptional Sacrifices Led To One Of The Greatest Victories In The War On Terror, Mark Owen Honors The Men Who Risk Everything For Our Country, And He Leaves Readers With A Deep Understanding Of The Warriors Who Keep America Safe. Chalk One -- Green Team -- Top Five/bottom Five -- The Second Deck -- Delta -- Point Man -- Maersk Alabama -- The Long War -- Goat Trails -- Something Special In D.c. -- The Pacer -- Killing Time -- Go Day -- Infil -- Khalid -- Third Deck -- Geronimo -- Exfil -- Confirmation -- Touch The Magic. Mark Owen ; With Kevin Maurer. Includes Bibliographical References (p. 311-313).

Authors : Owen, Mark, Maurer, Kevin

Publisher : DUTTON Books

Published Year : 2012-09-04T00:00:01Z

Edition : First Edition

Format : Hardcover, 316 pages

Language : en_US

Dimensions : Height: 9.25 Inches, Length: 6.3 Inches, Weight: 1.34 Pounds, Width: 1.38 Inches

ISBN : 0525953728

ISBN13 : 9780525953722

Overview :

For the first time anywhere, the first-person account of the planning and execution of the Bin Laden raid from a Navy Seal who confronted the terrorist mastermind and witnessed his final moment

From the streets of Iraq to the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips in the Indian Ocean, and from the mountaintops of Afghanistan to the third floor of Osama Bin Laden’s compound, operator Mark Owen of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group — commonly known as SEAL Team Six — has been a part of some of the most memorable special operations in history, as well as countless missions that never made headlines.

No Easy Day
puts readers alongside Owen and the other handpicked members of the twenty-four-man team as they train for the biggest mission of their lives. The blow-by-blow narrative of the assault, beginning with the helicopter crash that could have ended Owen’s life straight through to the radio call confirming Bin Laden’s death, is an essential piece of modern history.

In No Easy Day, Owen also takes readers onto the field of battle in America’s ongoing War on Terror and details the selection and training process for one of the most elite units in the military. Owen’s story draws on his youth in Alaska and describes the SEALs’ quest to challenge themselves at the highest levels of physical and mental endurance. With boots-on-the-ground detail, Owen describes numerous previously unreported missions that illustrate the life and work of a SEAL and the evolution of the team after the events of September 11. In telling the true story of the SEALs whose talents, skills, experiences, and exceptional sacrifices led to one of the greatest victories in the War on Terror, Mark Owen honors the men who risk everything for our country, and he leaves readers with a deep understanding of the warriors who keep America safe.